One problem with the Asus Eee PC's non-standard 800 x 480 pixel screen is that some applications just don't fit on the screen. For example, sometimes when you go to add programs using the Synaptic Package Manager, the "OK" button will actually pop up below the taskbar, where you can't easily get to it. Or when you install a Firefox add-on with a particularly long list of customizable preferences, you might not be able to click all of the check boxes.

Up until yesterday, my solution was to plug in an external monitor with a higher resolution whenever I needed to see what was on those windows. This works fine if all you're doing is installing and customizing programs. How often do you need to do that when you're out at a coffee shop?

But Digital Home reader Aaron sent in a much easier solution: Hold down the Alt button and then click anywhere on the window you want to move and you can drag it around the screen.

This works better than just clicking the top of the window to drag. You'll notice that when you do this, the bottom of your window will still look cut off, but you can fix that by moving your mouse over to the edge of the window to resize it.


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