Asus plans to show off its next generation Eee PC at CES during a presentation on January 7th. That's pretty much all we know at the moment. No real word on whether the new machine will sport a larger screen, higher res display, more memory, or anything else. But since the events is cosponsored by Asus and Sprint to show off WiMAX wireless technology, we can also assume that the new devices will either include a WiMAX adapter or will be designed to work with optional WiMAX components.

Some sites are also reporting that the next generation Eee PC will sport a 8.9 inch display instead of the current 7 inch model. But Asus has not officially confirmed this. And it's not clear whether a device with a larger screen will need a larger case and keyboard, or whether Asus will just move the speakers and webcam and make a screen that takes up the whole size of the computer lid.

[via Engadget]


Mike Reynolds said...

Thanks for the scoop!

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