We've been hearing anecdotal reports for the last few days that the little yellow sticker on the back of the Eee PC is meaningless. Now it looks like Asus is making it official: breaking that yellow sticker and upgrading your RAM or other PC parts is not a violation of your warranty.

Asus says that while they would prefer if you got an authorized technician to perform any upgrades, you're perfectly within your rights to undo the screws on the back of your unit and muck around on the insides. If you break anything, however, your out of luck.

"ASUS will replace the warranty label with a label to warn users that ASUS will not be responsible for the damage cause by improper hardware change."

The old don't break this seal will no longer be slapped onto new units -- "in any country where these stickers are not permitted." So there you go. The company, which has been selling PCs in the US for quite some time, just didn't realize that it was illegal to tell users they couldn't upgrade their units themselves. Or something like that.


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