Looking for a super-light weight Linux distribution to slap on your Eee PC? Eee Linux OS weighs in at just 477MB, which means you can fit it on a flash drive or install it on your Eee PC and still have 3.5GB of memory free. In fact, it might even be small enough to dual boot with Xandros.

You won't get all the goodies that come with a full fledged distro like Ubuntu or Gentoo. But Eee Linux OS is based on Debian, so you can tweak it to your heart's content and add all the software and packages you need.

Right now, the core components are the XFCE desktop manager, drivers for the Eee's hardware (including the webcam and WiFi cards), a web browser and email client. No screenshots are available at the moment, and after my marathon session playing with eeeXubuntu and installing Windows Vista SP1 RC on my other PC last night, I don't have the energy to check out Eee Linux OS for myself yet. If anyone's tried it and wants to share their results, please leave a comment.


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