Asus seems to have delivered an early Christmas present to new Eee PC owners. Asus began selling the $299 2G Surf model this week, and at least one new Eee PC owner found a surprise waiting in his package - twice the RAM he was expecting.

Asus had said there would be a handful of differences between the 2G Surf and the 4G model. The 2G Surf would have no webcam, a 2.8 hour battery (as opposed to 3.5), 2GB of RAM (instead of 4GB), and 256MB of RAM (rather than 512MB).

But if you can believe what you read on the box cover, Eee User forum member Theicom picked up a 2G Surf with 512MB. He hasn't posed any pictures of the unit powered up displaying it has 512MB, and he hasn't taken the unit apart to show the RAM stick. But the box clearly states that the 2G Surf has 512MB of RAM.

There's no access panel on the back of the unit, so if you want to upgrade the RAM or make other tweaks you'll need to disassemble your unit. But you can find a bunch of pictures showing how to do that on Flickr.


dave a said...

Since no-one appears to have replied to this yet, I can confirm that you really get 512MB of ram, or at least linux sees 512MB...
Short of opening it up, and getting the ram chip out, it is pretty likely it really is 512...

(sorry about the pic: phone cam taking pic of external monitor...)

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