For some reason, the first thing some people want to do when they get an Eee PC is scrap the built in operating system and install something different. This is hardly surprising, as Asus included instructions (and drivers) for installing Windows XP, but as a full fledged, if undersized PC, the Eee PC is capable of running practically any operating system, from Mac OS X to hundreds of flavors of Linux.

These days Debian-based Linux distributions like Ubuntu may be all the rage, but some people prefer Red Hat and its non-commercial cousin Fedora. So one new Eee owner decided to create a custom version of Fedora that will run on the Eee PC. He calls it EeeDora.

Right now EeeDora is still in its infancy. You can download EeeDora and throw it on a USB flash drive or CD and use it as a LiveCD or you can install EeeDora, replacing Xandros or whatever other operating system is currently installed on your Eee PC.

But EeeDora's not exactly ready for prime time yet. A number of pretty basic features aren't working yet. For example, the developer hasn't managed to get audio to play yet, the wireless card doesn't work, and you have to do a little bit of work to get the wired ethernet working.

Still, variety is the spice of life, and it's exciting to see someone focusing on an Eee-specific operating system. While you can run Ubuntu, Windows XP, and other operating systems on the Eee PC, they aren't really designed for its low screen resolution and small storage drive. EeeDora, on the other hand, weighs in at just 380MB as a liveCD. I'm not sure if that means a complete install only eats up 380MB of your SSD space. I'm guessing it would eat up a bit more storage space, but far less than the 2+ GB that Xandros uses.


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