Like most people, I'm pretty impressed with how much Asus has managed to cram into the tiny Eee PC case. But if there are two features that could really make the Eee PC a more powerful mobile computing tool they'd be a touchscreen and internal 3G modem.

Well, jkkmobile took care of the touch screen a few weeks ago. And now it looks like he's back with a hack to add an HSDPA modem.

This hack isn't for the feint of heart. While Asus has finally confirmed that you won't violate your warranty (if you live in the US anyway), just by opening up your case to add RAM or other components, the HSDPA hack requires actually scraping away some of the Eee PC's plastic casing.

You'll need about $300 in parts, which drives up the cost of an Eee PC considerably. But how can you put a price on an always available internet connection?

[via Gizmodo]


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