Yet another company you probably haven't heard of is jumping into the tiny laptop game. Allied Computers International plans to sell a notebook about the size of the Eee PC for about the same price in India.

The ACi ultra-mini laptop will weigh less than a kilogram, have a 7-inch display, a Via 1 GHz processor, 512MB RAM, 40GB hard drive, and a webcam, WiFi, and Bluetooth. The plan is to sell this model for about Rs 15,000 which is less than $400 US.

ACi is also planning a higher end model that will have 2GB of RAM and a 12-hour battery that functions with the help of solar power. That unit will cost Rs 22,000.

[via Asus Eee Hacks]


Anonymous said...

Poor show by the company. The laptop was officially launched in Feb 2008 this year and it was just a media hype and a publicity stunt. This laptop is nowhere to be seen in the market and even the company doesnt know when will it arrive(after taking to their customer support).
I guess that the company is waiting for prices of the components to come down so they can actully produce this at 14990/- :)

portable wireless router said...

This laptop is nowhere to be seen in the market now.

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