If you were itching to get your hands on the new Everex Cloudbook this weekend, it looks like you may have to wait a little longer. The tiny laptop was set to go on sale at Wal-Marts this weekend, but Computer World is reporting that has decided to refine the computer's software, which could push back the release date by a month or longer.

The Cloudbook is a miniature laptop much like the Eee PC. It sports a 7-inch 800 x 480 pixel screen, a 1.2GHz VIA processor, and a 30GB hard drive. But while the Eee PC runs a custom version of Xandros Linux, the Everex Cloudbook will run the gOS operating system, which is based on Ubuntu Linux.

It's not clear at this point what kind of tweaking will take place before the Cloudbook is released. Everex has already begun selling a desktop computer running gOS at Wal-Mart stores. But that computer is about half the price of the Cloudbook, so it's possible Everex wanted to ensure that new Cloudbook owners will get as robust an operating system as possible. gOS also lacks many of the software applications found on other Linux distributions like OpenOffice.org, relying instead on internet applications like Google Docs & Spreadsheets. Maybe Everex will decide to beef up the Cloudbook's software before shipping units.

Anyway we have a month to speculate, so leave your guesses/hopes/dreams in the comments.


Anonymous said...

You are wrong about the Cloudbook not having Openoffice.org. It's in the pulldown menu on the desktop. Just because it's not on the Dock at the bottom doesn't mean it's not there. Everything Ubuntu has is in the pulldown menu.

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