If there was one thing I would change about the Eee PC, I'd give it a larger display. Or at least a higher resolution display. While I remember a time when 640 x 480 pixel screens were a luxury, in today's world the Eee PC's 800 x 480 display is a bit cramped. And there are plenty of applications and web sites that just don't fit on the display.

If you're using the Xandros Linux distribution that came with the Eee PC, you can get around this to some extend by dragging large windows around the screen. All you have to do is hold the Alt key down as you left click on a window to drag it. But while Asus ships plenty of drivers and applications for users who want to install Windows XP on an Eee PC, there's no equivalent of the Alt+left click tool. You can give your Eee PC a virtual 800 x 600 screen using the provided Asus display utility which scrolls the screen up and down as you move your cursor up and down. But it's kind of annoying to always have the top or bottom of a window chopped off.

MoveMe is a handy utility that lets Windows users resize and move large windows. In fact, it's even easier to use than the Alt+left click tool because you don't need to use the touchpad at all. You can use a series of keyboard shortcuts to center a window, make it larger, smaller, wider, or more narrow. And all you have to do to nudge a window up, down, right or left is hold the Win+arrow keys. As an added bonus, Win+X will toggle the Windows taskbar on and off, freeing some space.

Update: If you're looking for a utility that's much closer to the Alt+left click feature in Xandros, you might want to check out WinShove. Like MoveMe, it sits in your system tray and eats up very little memory (about 2MB for MoveMe and about 1.7MB for WinShove). But when WinShove is running, you can move any window by holding the Alt key down and then clicking and dragging anywhere on a Window.

To launch either WinShove or MoveMe every time Windows XP boots up, just add a shortcut to the program to your Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup folder.

[via EeeUser Forum]


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