The Eee PC ships with Skype installed, but one of the first complaints many users had was that you couldn't use Skype to make video calls. There was a pretty good reason for this at the time: Skype hadn't added video support to its Linux client yet. But late last year, Skype released a beta version of Skype 2.0 with support for video, and while it bears the beta label, it's pretty stable.

I kind of figured it would take a long time for Asus to offer the update through the add/remove programs feature because it was still beta software, and because Xandros generally doesn't add early beta versions of software to its repositories. But Asus must have realized there was strong demand for video calls, because according to this Eee User forum post, Asus has added a Skype update to the add/remove programs dialog.

Of course, if that doesn't work for you, you can always just download the update from Skype's website, but if you're not used to Linux, you'll probably find it easier to use the Eee PC dialog. It will also make it easier to uninstall the update if you decide you don't need it.


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