You know what would make the Eee PC more useful for road warriors? An HSDPA modem that would provide always-available internet access even if you're nowhere near a WiFi hotspot. And it looks like Asus could be preparing to announce some sort of 3G product soon.

UMPC Portal is reporting that Asus CEO Jerry Shen will be speaking on March 4th with some other industry bigwigs including Michael Wilkens, vice president of T-Mobile about the Eee PC and the Mobile Internet. While they're not really saying much in advance of the announcement, I'd be surprised if they didn't at least announce a USB 3G modem. But Asus has already announced plans to release the next generation Eee PC models 3G modems built right into the unit. So while I'm kind of hoping for the former (which might be available sooner), this might just be an announcement of a product that we can expect to see much later in the year.

Of course, if you just can't wait, you could always try cramming one in the Eee PC yourself, or signing up for a French promotion.

[via CLUMPC]


Anonymous said...

I've had a 3G modem (Huawei E220 - 10 UKP a month from '3' in the UK) hung on my Ubuntu Eee since the day I bought it. There's absolutely no point in having it built in, all this does is limit you to using it with only the Eee, instead of being able to plug it into any laptop you like.

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