The BBC got a close-up look at the Elonex ONE £99 computer at the recent Education Show in England. I haven't really focused much on the Elonex, because it doesn't look like much of an Eee PC/Cloudbook competitor to me. It's kind of ugly, bulky looking, and packs just 1GB of internal memory. But it is cheap, even by low-cost linux ultraportable standards.

The Elonex ONE also has a few nice features I'd like to see in other ultraportables, like a removable keyboard and a trackpad on the back for use in tablet mode. You can see a bit more by checking out some BBC video coverage.

One thing I noticed in the short video is that program windows don't seem to be optimized for the low resolution screen. The Elonex ONE runs Linux and appears to be preloaded with But the Writer application barely fits on the screen since all the toolbars are enabled by default and their icons haven't been resized.

[via Engadget]


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