It looks like Asus isn't the only company coming out with a line of accessories for the Eee PC. And if you don't relish the idea of spending $40 on a spare AC adapter, you might want to check out Brando's travel charger, which will sell for a more reasonable $23. Plus it comes with an assortment of tips for plugging into wall outlets in almost any country.

Brando is also selling a car charger for the Eee PC for $18.

Now, one complaint many users have had with the Eee PC is that it takes for-friggin-ever to fully charge a battery, especially if you're trying to do it when the unit is turned on. So that car charger is only really going to be useful if you're on a road trip or have a particularly long commute. Or if you want to run your computer on your car's battery instead of the Eee PC battery. Eh, nevermind, it sounds like it could come in handy in all sorts of conditions.

[via Asus Eee Hacks]


twosheilasandadog said...

Currently travelling around Austrlia in a campervan- the ora car charger a must for me, as the van has 12 volt batteries powered by solar panels.Works a treat

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