Want to overclock your Eee PC, seriously boost the screen brightness, or gain some more control over your tiny computer's obnoxiously loud fan? EeeCtl can do all of that and more.

This tiny Windows-only application hangs out in your Windows system tray. Give it a little right-click and you can adjust your processor speed, fan, or backlight settings. You can adjust the processor to run at 630MHz, 765MHz, or 900MHz. Out of the box, the Eee PC runs at 630MHz, even though Asus advertises the computer as having a 900MHz processor. I mean, it does, but Asus underclocks it to improve battery performance. So obviously if you go and use EeeCtl or another method to boost your CPU cycles, you can probably expect your battery life to take a hit.

The latest version of EeeCtl also includes the ability to make your screen super bright. Previously the only easy way to achieve this was to install the unofficial 501 BIOS which isn't really supported by Asus. Of course, EeeCtl isn't supported by Asus either, but you don't need to reflash your BIOS to install it.

The most valuable feature for me has been the fan control settings. Last time I updated my Eee PC BIOS, the result was a fan that runs at 100% pretty much all the time. And while that's tolerable if you're hanging out in a noisy coffee shop, it can be pretty annoying in a quiet room. EeeCtl lets you adjust your fan speed manually or by selecting an "automatic" setting.

While some people have reported that they've disconnected their fans altogether to get rid of the whirring sounds without any negative effect, keep in mind that the fan is in there for a reason. So if you don't want your computer to overheat and die on you, I'd recommend continuing to run the fan at a moderate speed, especially if you're going to overclock your Eee PC. But EeeCtl lets you decide how and when to let the fan go full speed and when a slower speed might do.

It probably goes without saying, but this is unofficial software, and there's always a chance that you could bork your system by installing it. But so far, I'm pretty impressed with EeeCtl.


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