LAPTOP Magazine scored an interview with Everex marketing director Paul Kim. And they got a few interesting details about upcoming Cloudbook models.

First up, Everex will be releasing a version with a touchscreen to developers within two months of the Cloudbook's Feb 15th launch. The company could bring a touchscreen version to market in Q3 2008. Asus recently killed its plans to produce a touchscreen version of the Eee PC, claiming there wasn't strong consumer demand for such a device. It'll be interesting to see if Everex can prove Asus wrong.

Kim also says the company is considering using SSD instead of a hard drive in future models. The Eee PC's SSD is sort of a double edged sword. On the one hand, by using flash storage instead of a hard drive, Asus was able to build a machine that boots up quickly, has no moving parts, and is generally sturdier than a machine with a hard drive. On the other hand, flash memory is still pretty pricey, which is why you can only pick up an Eee PC with 2, 4, or 8GB of memory right now. The first Cloudbook to hit the streets, meanwhile, will sport a 30GB hard drive. Kim says if flash prices drop over the next year, we could eventually see Cloudbooks with SSD, but I'm guessing that means the company plans to wait until it can cram higher capacity SSD in there without raising the price significantly.

Now for the crazy part. Kim also mentioned that Everex is planning to produce Cloudbooks in a variety of sizes. We've already noted that the company is working on a version with a 9-inch screen. But Kim says a 22-inch model is also in the works. It's quite possible he meant that Everex is working on an all-in-one desktop PC with a 22-inch monitor that will compete with the recently announced Asus E-DT. Or maybe he meant to say 12-inch screen. The folks at LAPTOP Magazine didn't ask him to clarify, but I can't imagine Everex is really going to put out a low-cost 22 inch laptop anytime soon. Or ever.

Everex will also be releasing Cloudbooks in several different colors. It's not clear what those colors will be yet.


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