After months of evaluating the differences between the Asus Eee PC and the Everex Cloudbook based on nothing but spec sheets, it's time to see what the two devices look like side by side. While I've resisted the temptation to pick up a Cloudbook myself, the tiny computers have been shipping for about a week now.

Ant, the guy behind the popular EeeUser and Cloudbooker web sites got his Cloudbook today. And he's gone to town updating his Cloudbook blog. His latest post features a whole bunch of pictures of the two computers sitting next to one another.

Basically, Ant says the Cloudbook is slightly larger, but you'll have to look pretty hard to see the size difference. He says it also feels a bit sturdier, which is funny since the Cloudbook has a hard drive, which is more susceptible to jostling damage than the Eee PC's solid state memory. I'm still waiting for someone to put a Cloudbook through a torture test.


ash said...

For me, Asus Eee still is better looking.

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