There's some news going around that the folks at RISE Security were able to root a stock Eee PC running Xandros Linux, the version installed by Asus. first they had to enable sshd Daemon, which is installed, but not enabled by default. Then they were able to run an application that attacks that version of Samba. A fix for this vulnerability is available, but Asus hasn't gotten around to including it yet.

The moral of this story is one you probably already knew. Pretty much any computer connected to the internet is vulnerable to some kind of attack or other. But the fact that some folks could hack into a computer sitting right in front of them when they knew what they enabled an application they knew was vulnerable and knew what they were looking for doesn't worry me very much.

In real world settings, the odds of somebody finding your Eee on a network and hacking into it are pretty slim.


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