While you're waiting for Asus release the Eee PC 900 with its crisp 1024 x 600 8.9 inch screen, you might want to check out the AsTray Plus 1.3 beta 2. While this isn't the first software hack to enable virtual resolutions that are higher than the current model Eee PC's native 800 x 480 screen, it's the first hack that preserves the display's widescreen resolution.

In other words, while there have been hacks for a while that allow you to squeeze 1024 x 768 or 800 x 600 pixels onto the Eee PC's small screen, AsTray Plus is unique in that it supports 900 x 540 and 1000 x 600 resolutions. And since the new resolutions maintain the Eee PC's wide screen aspect ratio, fonts and images aren't squashed the same way they are when you try to squeeze a 4:3 display onto a 5:3 screen.

The end result is that while the display isn't quite as clear using AsTray Plus as it is using the default display resolution, you can read text. And you can fit large web pages on your screen without scrolling side to side as often.

AsTray Plus is a Windows-only application. If you're looking for a Linux solution, you might want to check out a hack using VNC to achieve similar results.


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