It looks like the next generation Eee PC will sport a larger display, more RAM, and more storage space. No real big surprises there, but it's always nice to hear.

Blogeee appears to have the scoop for the moment, although we should be seeing a press release pretty soon. In the meantime, here's what we can tell from the Blogeee post:

  • New model will be be named the Eee PC 900
  • 1GB of RAM will be standard (up from 512MB)
  • SSD storage capacities of up to 12GB will be available
  • The overall size should remain the same since the Eee PC 900 will use the same case as the current 700 series
  • The base price will jump from 299€ to 399€, not sure what that means for the US prices as computers usually sell for a bit less in the US.
We can probably also expect faster processors, but there's no word on exactly what processor the new units will use. The Eee PC 900 should be available this summer.

Update: It looks like Engadget has confirmed the basic specs... and more importantly, they've got a hands on gallery of the new 8.9-inch model. The Asus reps wouldn't let them turn the unit on, so there's no word on what kind of processor this guy is packing or if there's any change in the display resolution.

Update 2: And here's the official announcement from Asus.

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Kim said...

Has the new Eee a better screen resolution?

Quinn said...

Price ought to stay the same, productions costs are lower, and so the price should not move upwards. Worse still, there are plenty of laptops in that range, it was the low price that made the EEE PC so great.

Anonymous said...


Price will have to go up. While 7 in display are cheap (think portable DVD players), 9 in are not equally cheap. In addition, more RAM, more SSD space will make the device more expensive, even if the production costs are lower.

Anonymous said...

9 inch screens are not as much of a commodity as 7 inch screens, but at 4+ million quantity the per unit price is not much different. As that is the quantity ASUS expects to move, the end user price should not be impacted. There may be other factors that will be announced that drive the price up, but the screen alone should not be the reason.

Sugar said...

Those 7" displays might be cheaper but they have a horrible resolution. If they had picked a better quality 7" then no one would have complained about its diminutive stature. Hopefully they don't repeat the mistake by choosing a poor quality 9" panel.

Anthony said...

$600 is (at the moment) about £300. £300 is still a pretty good price for such a laptop here in the UK. I don't think it will sell for that price though - at least not in the UK. If it did I'd trade up and sell my 701 to a friend.

FWIW the price of the 701 has actually risen since I bought a couple before Xmas.

asus eee pc 900 said...

8.9 inch screen is much more better than 7" for internet navigation

Anonymous said...

[quote]8.9 inch screen is much more better than 7" for internet navigation[/quote]
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