Asus has launched a software developer kit or SDK for the Eee PC. Let's ignore the fact that the Eee PC uses open source software, so you shouldn't really need an SDK to develop applications and just focus on the fact that this kit includes tools and instructions for writing applications that can be easily added to the Eee PC's easy mode interface.

The SDK comes as a 1.2GB disc image that can be downloaded from the Asus support site. When you burn the image to a DVD, you'll discover that it does not function as a LiveDVD. In other words, in order to access the files you need to reboot your computer with the DVD in a drive and install Xandros. If you've got a free hard drive or partition, have fun. I stopped at this point because I didn't feel like wiping out one of my current operating systems. You could also probably install Xandros in a virtual machine using software like VirtualBox.

According to the user guide (PDF link), the SDK includes the following components:

  • Xandros Desktop Open Circulation Version 4.5
  • QT
  • Eclipse
  • QT plugin for Eclipse
  • Debian packaging wizard developed by Xandros
The user guide also includes detailed instructions for creating applications and icons that will work in the Eee PC's Easy Mode interface.

[via EeeUser and Eee PC]


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