Wish you could add a start menu, customize your taskbar, add a weather module to the taskbar, or install VLC media player to your Eee PC without editing a bunch of Linux configuration files? Tweakeee can do all that and more.

Here are just a handful of other features bundled in Tweakeee that give you more control over your Eee PC running the stock Xandros Linux distribution:

  • Toggle the webcam on and off
  • Restart the X server without restarting your PC
  • Adjust what happens when you close the lid
  • Adjust your screen brightness automatically when you plug or unplug the power cable
  • Install programs from non-Asus repositories
[via Eee PC News DE]


solenostomus said...

used the latest version (0.3 beta) to change the cursor theme and tried out most of them.
In the end I wanted to switch back to default, but TweakEEE fails to do that. The program just goes numb and doesn't respod to any further clicks on "restart x".
After restarting TweakEEE, I can still switch between the other (non-default) themes and I settled on aero now, which looks nice.

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