It still looks like somebody won't let the guys at Engadget actually turn on the new 8.9-inch Eee PC on display at CeBIT, but that didn't stop them from snapping some photos of the two tiny computers side by side.

While we'd been hearing that the version with the 8-9 inch screen would be packed into the same tiny case as the original Eee PC, it does look like there are a few small differences. First of all, the newer model has a larger trackpad, which is good. While you can get used to the tiny trackpad and rocker on the Eee PC 700 series, it is tiny. Like really tiny. Like you might find yourself deciding never to use an Eee PC without a mouse tiny.

Second, it appears that the whole case was made a tiny bit larger to accommodate the larger screen. I'm guessing this won't add much weight to the Eee PC, since we're talking millimeters here, not inches. But part of the appeal of a tiny laptop is that it's tiny. So hopefully the newer models don't feel too bulky.


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