Bluetooth and a multi-touch trackpad aren't the only surprises we found in the FCC documents related to the upcoming Eee PC 900. The next generation Eee PC will also have a much larger power adapter.

While the current Eee PC power adapter looks more like a cellphone charger than a computer power brick, the Eee PC 900 will ship with an adapter that should look pretty familiar to anyone who's purchased a laptop computer in the last few years. It comes in two parts, a power adapter and a battery power system. Basically, one part converts AC power from a wall socket to DC power, and the other part sends that power to your computer.

The benefit of the new adapter is that it will likely lead to faster charging times. Right now, it takes a ridiculously long time to fully charge an Eee PC, especially if you're using the computer while it's charging. The downside is that the new adapter will be quite a bit bulkier than the current model, making the Eee PC 900 slightly less portable than the Eee PC 701/702, even though the computer itself should be pretty much the same size and weight.


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