I've never spent much time playing with PCLinuxOS, as it doesn't work very well on my primary computer. But EeePCLinuxOS looks pretty interesting. It's a custom version of EeePCLinuxOS designed for the Eee PC with a couple of tweaks that will improve its performance on the tiny laptop.

First off, EeePCLinuxOS is easy to install even if you don't have a CD/DVD drive plugged into your Eee PC. You install it by downloading a disc image to any computer, burning it to a disc and restarting that computer to boot into a LiveCD. Then you can quickly create a LiveUSB install by plugging in a USB flash drive. This should all be very familiar to anyone who's tired installing eeeXubuntu.

EeePCLinuxOS also helps keep the install size down through file compression. Essentially, you can cram about 2GB of files into a 700MB image, freeing up storage space on the Eee PC's solid state disk.

The developers have also developed a nifty tool that lets you enable an Easy Mode interface that looks almost identical to the easy mode included in the stock Xandros Linux operating system supplied by Asus. The tool also lets you "overclock" your computer to 900MHz and enable/disable autologin features.

You can read a review of EeePCLinuxOS Beta 2 at Eeextra. The day after the review was written, EeePCLinuxOS Beta 3 was released with a boatload of updates.

You can download a torrent from LinuxTracker. Or you can read more about EeePCLinuxOS at the distribution's wiki or user forums.


nodamnblog said...


I'm very interested in this. I run PCLOS on my "big" laptop and like it very much although I'm a complete Linux newbie. PCLOS does everything I want.

I have downloaded the torrent file on my PC in Windowz XP (it took just over four hours) and now have a 53 kb torrent file (seems very small) called EeePCLinuxOS-Beta3.torrent on my desktop. I can't find any information on the web as to what to do next. Please could you point me to somewhere I can find an explanation of the next step?

Brad Linder said...

The torrent file is just a tiny file that lets your computer know how to download the much larger CD or DVD image, which is usually placed into a new folder. What software did you use to download the Torrent file? If you check the software to find your download directory, you should see another folder with the same name as the Torrent file, and in that folder should be the ISO which you can burn to disc.

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