Back in January there was a rumor that the next generation of Asus Eee PC laptops would include touchscreens. And then Asus came out and said there wasn't really enough demand to justify a touchscreen device. Makes sense, the Eee PC doesn't fold back into tablet mode, so why would you want to poke at a laptop screen with a stylus when it's faster to use the touchpad or a mouse?

Anyway, DigiTimes is now reporting that sources at a touch screen panel manufacturer say that Asus is planning to slip resistive touch panels into at least some of the next-gen models due out this spring. It's not clear if the touchscreen would be included on all units or if it would be an optional upgrade. Heck, I'm still a bit skeptical that it will happen at all. But I thought I'd pass along the rumor for all you touchscreen enthusiasts.

In the meantime, you can always just buy a 7-inch touchscreen kit off of eBay and build your own touchscreen Eee PC model.


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