A while back I looked at EeeCtl, a utility that lets you adjust the fan, backlight, and CPU settings for an Eee PC running windows XP. But if you've been looking for a user friendly way to do the same thing using the stock Xandros Linux operating system that comes with the Eee PC, you might want to check out EeeControl.

Basically, EeeControl is a graphical user interface for the experimental eee.ko module. It displays your computer's current clock speed, CPU temperature, and other details. You can also switch between automatic and manual control, and adjust your Eee PC to give it a bit of a speed boost when you need it. You can also quiet the noisy fan by adjusting the fan speed, although note that if you overclock your computer and reduce your fan speed, you might want to think twice before placing your blazing hot computer on your lap.

[via Eee PC News.de]


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