For some reason Asus has decided to release some Asus Eee PC laptops with a RAM access panel on the back of the unit, while others lack that easy access panel. Otherwise, there are few differences between the machines.

As I demonstrated a few months ago, upgrading your RAM is an incredibly easy process if you have an access panel on the back. You just unscrew two screws holding the panel in place, pop out your old RAM and pop in a new stick. That's it. The whole thing takes less than 60 seconds.

But if you don't have a RAM access panel, the process can be a bit more complicated. Not impossible, just more complicated. Fortunately, I recently came across this video on YouTube which does a great job of laying out step by step instructions.

If you're not comfortable taking your computer apart, then you'd better get comfortable with 512MB of RAM. Keep in mind that disassembling your computer case and poking around on the insides is likely to void your warranty. But if you follow the instructions in the video closely, you should be able to upgrade your RAM.

Note that these instructions apparently do not work if you have an Eee PC 2G. They are only for the 4G models.


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