Can't decide whether to pick up a new mini-laptop from Asus, Acer, or HP? All three computer makers are coming out with light weight ultraportables with 8.9 inch displays in the next few months.

But while HP started a major publicity push for the HP 2133 Mini-Note PC today, Digitimes reports that Asus hopes to beat HP, Acer, and others to the punch by releasing its next generation Eee PC 900 in Taiwan during the second half of April.

While there was some speculation that Asus would pack Intel's brand new power-saving Atom processor into the next generation Eee PC, the Atom chip won't be available until May. DigiTimes reports that Asus will instead use an older generation processor. Interestingly, the report says the Eee PC will use a dual-core ULV processor. The current generation Eee PC uses a rather poky Celeron processor.


Anonymous said...

Now I don't know what to do. I was going to preorder the 900 with XP as soon as it was available, but now I'm wondering if I should wait a month or so for the Atom processor.

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