A couple of 8GB Eee PC updates today. First up, it appears online computer retailer Newegg now has some 8GB units in stock for $499. At first, this model appears identical to the 4GB version, except it has twice the storage space and twice the RAM. So you get 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. So far, the 8GB model is only available in white.

But one member of the Eee User forums has manage to get his hands on an 8GB unit and when he opened it up, he was surprised to find that there's another difference. The entire 8GB of solid state storage space comes in the form of a PCIe card. There's no flash memory on the main circuit board.

That means it will be a bit harder to hack/modify the Eee PC 8G. Of course, if you really want to get a Bluetooth module working, you're going to have to whip out the soldering iron anyway.

[via I4U News and Asus Eee Hacks]


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