Ever wonder if the Eee PC is powerful enough to run 3D desktop effects like Compiz? It is.

The video above shows Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon running on a stock 4GB Eee PC with 512MB RAM. Last month I tried loading Ubuntu onto a 1GB flash drive and booting it like a liveCD (without the CD). The benefit of doing things this way was that I could run Ubuntu without losing any data on my unit's solid state disk. But since it took about 6 minutes to boot I quickly scrapped the idea of using this method very often.

It looks like if you install Ubuntu directly onto an SDHC card that you keep in the SD slot, you can speed things up a bit. But it still takes a while to startup.

I'd love to see a video showing how long it takes to boot Ubuntu if you install it directly to the SSD (thus erasing the Xandros installation that ships with the Eee PC that boots in about 20 seconds).


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