So far as we know, nobody's gotten there hands on an Everex Cloudbook yet to test its performance. But EeePC Blog has gathered all the available specs on the Cloudbook and put together a handy little chart that lets you see a side by side comparison of the Eee PC and the Cloudbook.

In a nutshell, the Cloudbook has a larger hard drive, a DVI video port, and a theoretically faster, but less common processor.

So the advantage goes to... well, who the heck knows? They're both low cost machines. And while the Eee PC's solid state memory makes it a heck of a lot more durable than the Cloudbook, odds are most consumers are going to look at the Eee PC's 4GB of memory, glance and the Cloudbook's 30GB and make their choice solely on that. The fact that the Eee PC comes with a Celeron processor probably doesn't help either. While those in the know will realize that there are advantages to using any Intel processor if you want to install various Linux or Windows distributions, the Celeron has a bad reputation, while the Via processor is just kind of unknown.

In other words, I can see a lot of people gravitating toward the Cloudbook because it looks better on paper if you don't know a lot about mobile computing. But I'm still glad I went with the Eee PC.


Anonymous said...

This Article isn't biased...not even a little.

Anonymous said...

Nope, not at all :-o

Reni said...

What I really want to know is - how much does the Cloudbook weigh? I want a EEE because it's nice and light and easy to bring along when travelling. The Cloudbook sounds good but I'm guessing that those 30 gb are gonna weigh it down a bit...

Anonymous said...

The cloudbook weights 2lbs according to:

The bias in the article is a little extreme. Everyone stay away from those SCARY VIA PROCESSORS...they're unknown...UNKNOWN!!!!

It's not like they haven't been used in this or this or this or this

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