UbuntuIf you're looking for an easy way to install Ubuntu on your Eee PC without spending hours pulling your hair out trying to get WiFi, audio, and other features working, it looks like you have two choices now.

You could either go with eeeXubuntu, an Eee PC-optimized version of Ubuntu using the XFCE desktop manager or EeeBuntu, a new Eee PC friendly version of Ubuntu released this week that uses the default Gnome desktop environment.

Basically EeeBuntu is a full version of Ubuntu with a few patches applied that will enable WiFi and other features. The developer also added a few useful tweaks. For example, hitting F11 will make any window full screen, not just Firefox. You can also drag windows past the top of the screen, which makes installing Ubuntu a lot easier.

Eventually, the developer plans to strip out some Ubuntu features that might not be necessary for Eee Users in order to cut down on the space it eats up. For now, Ubuntu will take up just over 2GB of storage.


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