Asus appears to be on a path toward world domination. The Eee PC has turned out to be wildly successful. So naturally Asus has decided to slap the "E" label on a whole line of upcoming products. But you can make the case that these new products are the logical successors of the Eee PC.

Part of what makes the Eee PC attractive is that it's an ultraportable laptop at an affordable price. Similar laptops sell for 4 or 5 times the Eee's $400 price tag. What Asus has demonstrated is that not every computer buyer is looking for bleeding edge technology. But providing an underpowered (by today's standards) device that still packs most of the features that users want, Asus can sell a low-cost laptop and still make a profit.

So next up, Asus plans to offer a Desktop PC (the E-DT) in the $200-$300 price range. Like the Eee PC, it will have a Celeron processor and integrated graphics and it will probably run Linux.

Asus also plans to sell an E-Monitor, which will actually be an all-in-one PC like the Apple iMac. But unlike the iMac, the E-Monitor will sell for $500. Presumably it will also sport a slower processor and less RAM and storage.

Asus is also introducing the E-TV, a 42 inch LCD television that will run Linux and sport the same interface and features as the PCs in this line.

DigiTimes also reports that Asus has decided not to release a touchscreen version of the Eee PC after determining that there isn't enough demand to justify the product.


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