One of the smartest things Asus did with the Eee PC is to include a disc with Windows XP drivers even though the computer itself is preloaded with Linux. That way Asus could keep the price low by avoiding Windows licensing fees, while letting users who want to run Windows install it with minimal problems.

It looks like Everex is following suit and including a Windows XP driver disc with the upcoming Cloudbook. You know, if they ever get around to actually releasing the computer.

Originally the Cloudbook was scheduled to be available at Wal-Mart stores and online at on January 25th. The date was then pushed back to February 15th, although there were reports earlier today that the date may be changing yet again. For a little while the Everex web site claimed the Cloudbook will be available on 1/25/2008, even though today is the 30th. Does that mean Everex meant to say 2/25? Or does it mean that an older version of the web page went live for a little while? Who knows. All I know is it'll be ready when it's ready. If it's ready.


Anonymous said...

I think you guys should make sure before you buy the laptop i just emailed the everex customer support and they said you cannot install windows.

they said the following:

Customer Service Fri, Feb 8, 2008 at 8:08 PM
Dear Jane,

Nope. The OS cannot be change to Windows.

Thank you for choosing Everex!


Everex Customer Care


Sent: Friday, February 08, 2008 4:09 PM
To: Customer Service
Subject: Re: Cloudbook question

I understand that it has linux inside but my question is if i will be able to install windows XP professional by myself onto the cloudbook?


Brad Linder said...

Customer support folks have never been the best sources of information for things like these. It's possible that our sources are wrong and that Everex won't ship a Windows driver disc, but there's absolutely no reason you shouldn't be able to install Windows on the Cloudbook. Like an Eee PC, it's just a computer with a small screen, keyboard, and no CD-ROM drive.

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