While the Eee PC is a pretty incredible little computer for the price, there's certainly room for improvement. Sure, it'd be nice if there was more RAM, a faster processor, and more money. But if you really need those things, you can go out and find a computer that sells for 3 or 4 times the price. No, what I really would like to see is a model with a larger, higher resolution screen, better battery life, and shorter battery charge times.

And apparently Asus CEO Jerry Shen agrees. It's not entirely clear at this point what those improvements will do to drive up the cost of the $400 laptop. I'm almost certain a larger screen is going to add at least $50 to the price, if not more. A higher capacity battery could easily do the same, but Asus may also be able to increase battery life by implementing power saving techniques and/or using a different processor than the 800MHz and 900MHz Celeron processors the company is currently packing into the Eee PC lineup.

[via EeeUser]


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