I spent the day covering the Greener Gadgets conference for Green Daily, and I couldn't resist the opportunity to snap a quick shot of my Eee PC hanging out with an XO laptop, courtesy of the folks at HackZine.

I was surprised to note that the XO was significantly heavier than the Eee PC, and a bit bulkier. I knew it was bigger, but I'd kind of expected them to be closer to the same size.

Mary Lou Jepsen, the former CTO of the OLPC project gave one of the keynote speeches at this morning's session. And as she spoke, I started to wish that my Eee had a few of the XO's features. I already covet its higher resolution screen, but I didn't realize just how energy efficient it is. For example, when you're reading static content on your XO laptop, no pixels are moving on your screen. So the XO effectively shuts down the processor and many other subsystems which helps prolong battery life. Pretty cool stuff.


Anonymous said...

How cute! Your Eee went on a playdate.

And I couldn't help but notice the screen being smudgy - Brad, clean your laptop!


Brad Linder said...

You should've seen the other guy!

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