People have been adding slapping extra hardware inside the tiny Eee PC case pretty much since day one. But this has to be one of the most impressive Eee PC mods I've seen. Here's what one user managed to add to the insides of an Eee PC:

  • 2 USB hubs to get a total of 6 working internal USB ports
  • A GPS adapter and antenna
  • A Bluetooth adapter
  • An internal SD card reader for additional storage
  • An additional 4GB flash memory drive
  • A power switch to turn off the extra devices when not in use
  • Updated the WiFi card to one that supports 802.11n
  • An FM transmitter for playing music on the car stereo
  • A working modem
The best part of this hack job? You can find detailed photos and instructions at the IVC Wiki.

[via Asus Eee Hacks]


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