I'd been toying with the idea of picking up a 1GB RAM stick sometime soon. But then CNet goes and posts a tip letting me know I could get 2GB for just $27 after rebate and shipping from Newegg. So I went ahead and hit the order button, and less than 24 hours later a friendly UPS driver dropped rang my doorbell.

Installations was incredibly easy. All you have to do is break that scary but meaningless (if you live in the US) yellow label on the bottom of your unit, undo some screws, pop out the old RAM and pop in the new one. Here, have a look for yourself:

So now my Eee PC has twice the RAM of my full sized laptop.

It's also running at 900MHz, which is a bit faster than a stock unit. Asus ships the Eee PC with a 900MHz celeron processor but underclocks it to 630MHz. It's not clear if this is for stability purposes or to prolong battery life. The company issued a BIOS update a while back that lets users run at 900MHz, but the 8804 BIOS includes a couple of bugs that do things like draw wavy lines on your display.

The other day some members of the EeeUser forum found an unofficial BIOS update that may or may not be a beta release. The 0511 BIOS (sometimes called the EeePC Super.ROM) provides you with the option of running at either 630MHz or 900MHz and also seems to make your screen an awful lot brighter. The only problem is you have to jump through some hoops if you get scared of running an unofficial BIOS and want to downgrade to a previous version. Fortunately, Asus has since released a newer BIOS and there's no restriction against upgrading to a newer BIOS, even if the latest release from Asus actually has fewer features than 0511.

Anyway, so long story short my Eee PC now runs at 900MHz and has 2GB of RAM and runs like a dream. The fan kicks in a bit more often than it used to and runs louder than I'd like. But in terms of performance, my Eee PC is now officially a tiny bit more awesome than it was yesterday.

I don't want to provide a link to an unofficial ROM udpate here, but if you check out the EeeUser forum you can probably find it, or you can just Google the name of the ROM.


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