Here's another video of E-Lead's Noahbook from the CES floor. Although the demo unit is turned off during the first two minutes for some reason, if you skip ahead you can see the mini-laptop up and running. I learned four interesting things from this video:

  1. The Noahpad quite clearly runs Ubuntu
  2. The rep claims that it takes about 20 minutes to get used to typing with the screen flipped around. I don't really believe him, but who am I to say?
  3. When you flip the screen the orientation automatically adjusts
  4. In the last few seconds of the video you can see that the touchpad moves when the booth rep clacks on it semi-forcefully. It looks like the build quality on the Noahpad is a bit lacking.
I honestly don't know why E-Lead felt the need to reinvent the keyboard and mouse with this device. I think if they had put out an Eee PC clone that runs Ubuntu and has a screen that folds all the way over for watching movies they would have had a winner on their hands. But that keyboard looks more likely to slow you down than to make you more productive.

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