Thanks to its solid state memory (instead of a standard hard drive), the Eee PC already boots feaster than most other PCs on the market. You can get to a workable desktop in about 20-25 seconds if you're using the default Xandros operating system that ships with the Eee PC. And it doesn't take much longer than that to bootup Windows XP.

But as someone who's spent most of the last 7 years with a PDA in his pocket, I can't help but wish for a computer that will be usable a split second after you hit the power button.

Well, it looks like the Eee PC could become that device. Engadget spied an Eee PC running what appears to be SplashTop. What's SplashTop? Basically it's a simplified version of Linux that can be linked to a computer's BIOS. It boots up almost instantly and lets you access certain software applications without booting a full operating system like Windows XP or Ubuntu. In other words, if all you want to do is watch a movie, surf the web, or chat with friends, why should you have to load up a complete OS?

There's no word on if or when Asus will actually offer this feature for the Eee PC or if it will be available to current customers or only available on new units.


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