Asus is still shipping every Eee PC with Linux. But as many Eee owners have discovered, it's incredibly easy to install Windows XP. So it was probably only a matter of time before we saw retailers buying stock units, loading them up with Windows XP and selling them for a few bucks more.

Howard Technology Solutions claims to be the first company to sell Eee PC units with Windows XP preloaded. But I did a quick search of their site and couldn't actually find any information on pricing or availability. In fact, if you search the computer section you won't even find the Eee PC at all. You have to click the banner ad on the front page to bring up a PDF with details about the stock Eee PC running Linux which Howard sells for $399.

Still, according to the press release, a company spokesperson says "our customers will now have the choice of using the lower cost Linux operating system or the more familiar Windows XP operating system.

[via Asus Eee Hacks and TMCnet]


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