You're not alone if you've been having a hard time figuring out how the Noahpad's touchpad/keyboard works. Luckily the folks at Ultra Mobile Life put together a little video from the CES floor showing all the details and quirks.

I'm a bit turned off that there's no way to use the mouse and keyboard functions at the same time. You essentially have to hit a button to activate mouse mode every time you want to move the cursor and then hit the button again to start typing. I also think divided keypad will work well for thumb typers, but if you want to touch type it looks kind of disastrous. I can type just about as quickly on my Eee PC as I can with a full sized laptop, but I doubt I could do the same with a Noahpad.

The virtual on-screen keyboard that pops up when the keyboard is flipped around into tablet mode is interesting, but I imagine it'll take a while to get used to typing backwards. And since the keypad is virtual, you won't have the tactile feedback you get with a regular keyboard.

And finally, I'm still confused after watching this video about the screen resolution. He says 1024, but I kind of get the impression that what he means is you'll be able to view windows that take up 1024 x 768 pixels by sliding them around a standard 800 x 480 pixel screen.

[via jkOnTheRun]


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