A few more details about the Everex Cloudbook launch have been released. First up, it looks like the initial batch, including the review unit Laptop Magazine is playing with have an early version of the software with some annoying bugs, like windows that are too large to fit on the cramped 800 x 480 display. That wouldn't be so bad except that anybody who buys a Cloudbook because it's supposed to be easy to use is going to have some trouble right away, starting with the configuration screens if they aren't Linux savvy.

A new batch with a fix for the large windows should be available soon. Computer World reports that Wal-Mart should have units in stock on Feb 21st, while NewEgg and TigerDirect should have some Cloudbook inventory the first week of March. Everex is reportedly also talking to two more distributors about carrying the Cloudbook.

But it might be worth waiting a little while before picking one up if you want to make sure you get one with any software upgrades. Hopefully Everex will offer updates for existing users as well, but you never know.

Meanwhile, Avram over at Laptop Magazine has been continuing his adventures over the weekend, and he posted the video you see above showing the Cloudbook's boot process. Apparently it takes a good three minutes from the second you hit the power button to the time you get a working desktop. Part of the problem is that you have to enter a username and password during the login process, which is pretty much par for the course with most Linux distributions. But since the Cloudbook is running Ubuntu and GNOME, I'm guessing you can get around this by following these simple steps:
  1. Go to the System menu
  2. Select Administration
  3. Select Login Screen Setup
  4. Under the general tab, select "Automatic Login" and choose the user you want to auto login.
That should save you some typing and shave a few seconds off your boot time. But just a few seconds.


Anonymous said...

Jack Bauer could have averted nuclear disaster during the time it takes for the Cloudbook to boot...

Anonymous said...

gOS uses enlightenment, not gnome


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