It looks like the folks at Laptop Magazine aren't the only ones with a Cloudbook anymore. ZaReason sent out their initial shipment a few days ago, and early adopters are starting to receive their orders and at least two customers have posted their initial reviews.

Overall, the reviewers are confirming what we already knew: The keyboard and screen are small, but no smaller than what you'd find on the Eee PC. The trackpad is placed in an awkward location, but you can get used to anything. And the gOS version of Ubuntu is a bit... quirky.

We already knew that early Cloudbooks would be shipping with an operating system that doesn't seem to be optimized for the computer's low resolution 800 x 480 pixel screen. Some program windows extend below the bottom of the screen, making it difficult to set up or use applications. And apparently it's difficult to configure the WiFi settings as well.

Hopefully some of these issues will be addressed in future releases. JamFish has also confirmed that the Cloudbook doesn't ship with any sort of software CD. If you want to install applications, load Windows drivers, or restore your system to factory default you're going to have to spend some time fishing around the Everex website. In fact, while I found Windows XP and Vista drivers, I wasn't able to find any sort of system restore or gOS installation software.

Oh, and not that this should come as a surprise to anybody, but the claimed 5 hour battery life was a bit optimistic. JamFish writes that you'll probably get closer to 3.5 hours with WiFi on.

[via Cloudbooker]


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