While the Everex Cloudbook will ship with gOS, a custom version of the Ubuntu operating system, it might not look or act quite like the gOS we've barely had time to know and love. gOS typically ships with the Enlightenment desktop environment, which includes an OS X-like dock instead of taskbars and start menus like the more popular KDE and GNOME desktop environments. But according to CLICK, the Cloudbook will be packing GNOME.

What are the advantages to GNOME? Well aside from the fact that it might feel a little more familiar to Windows, and even Linux users, GNOME also includes a suite of applications including a handful of games and productivity software like It's easy to customize, and to my eye it looks prettier than Enlightenment. But that might just be me. Anyway, the Cloudbook's version of gOS will still include a green background and a toolbar on the bottom, so it's not clear at the moment if the changes will affect the desktop itself or just the software that comes installed. Of course, since gOS is based on Ubuntu, you can always just add and remove software packages to your hearts content and customize the heck out of your Cloudbook untl you have it the way you like it.

[via Cloudbooker]


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