Want to trick out your Eee PC with a virtual high resolution screen, but don't want to install Windows XP? Jaffa at the EeeUser forums has figured out a neat trick that works with the stock Xandros installation.

In a nutshell, what you need to do install a VNC server and then run a script that will open your localhost in a VNC window, allowing you to scale the resolution. Now keep in mind, the Eee PC's screen only really supports 800 x 480 pixel and lower resolutions. So there's no way to actually display a higher number of pixels. What's happening is that you're telling your VNC software that the computer it's connecting to has a higher resolution, and you'd like to see it all on your small screen.

The image above shows the Eee PC's interface at 1280 x 976 pixels, but you should be able to tweak your settings to show other virtual resolutions.

The results look pretty good, but your system might be a bit more sluggish when running this hack. For applications that aren't particularly CPU or graphics-intensive, like web browsing, this trick could work well.

[via EeeUser]


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