Apparently Asus had a bit more up its sleeve at CeBit than the Eee PC 900. The company also showed off the EP20, which appears to be the first desktop computer in the Eee PC lineup. Earlier this year Asus announced plans to expand the brand to include a desktop, an all-in-one PC, and even a television. The EP20 could be the first step.

The EP20 will have a 1.87GHz Intel dual core processor, a 2.5 inch hard drive instead of flash memory, and possibly the same Linux operating system and interface you can find on the current generation of Eee PC laptops. And according to the sign on top of the display model "good enough performance." No seriously, that's what it says.

There's no official word on the price, but rumor has it that the EP20 will sell for around 200€ ($350 US).

[via eeextra and matbe]


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