According to a recent Pricegrabber report (PDF Link), the Asus Eee PC and the Macbook Air top the list of laptop computers. Overall, Pricegrabber finds that a growing number of users are looking for what they call "portable" laptops as opposed to standard laptops. What's the difference? Portables weigh less than 3 pounds.

A reader asked me today to explain why the Eee PC is so attractive. It generally comes down to two things: Price and weight. At just over 2 pounds, I take my Eee almost everywhere because it feels like it's not even in my backpack. If I never take it out of my backpack I don't feel like I was giving myself a backache for no reason at all.

In the past, you had to spend thousands of dollars to get a computer this small. But the Eee PC showed that people would be willing to buy an underpowered machine to use as a second or third computer if the price was right. I wouldn't think of replacing my main computer with my Eee PC, but it's the PC I grab when I'm running out the door.

The second most popular computer on Pricegrabber's list is the Macbook Air, which weighs just a bit more than the Eee PC, but which features way more power. It also costs five to six times as much as the Eee PC.

[via Eee PC.Net]


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