While Asus made a name for the Eee PC by creating a custom version of Linux that was designed to look good on a small screen while keeping licensing fees down, the simple truth is most people want computers that run an operating system they're familiar with. So it should come as no surprise that Asus says nearly 2/3rds of the Eee PC laptops the company plans to ship this year will run Windows.

It's bee clear for a while that Asus plans to sell Eee PC units preloaded with Windows. The current Linux models already come with a driver disc that supplies everything you need to make Windows XP run properly on an Eee PC.

Asus plans to launch a new model, the Eee PC 900 in the next few months. The Linux version will include 12GB of solid state memory, while the Windows version will have just 8GB, presumably so that Asus can sell both models at a similar price point.


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